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Breaking News!! Shampers goes into administration…

Only joking! Though I expect it’s imminent. There aren’t enough half squiffy, well-spoken-but-vaguely-predatory business men in the world to make up for the dent in profits they’ve been experiencing since you sodded off to Ahhfrica and we stopped haemorraging our … Continue reading

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Virunga, Rwanda … And the Gorillas

Hey Queenie, You little legend you!!  About bloody time you did your PhD. Although not quite the standard setting for literary intellectuals (I’m thinking a library and Chesterfield wingbacks would be more appropriate), I think our favourite central London wine … Continue reading

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Date night, and other things…

Hi Beani, I’m guessing you’re now hanging out with the gorillas, swapping hair styling tips, picking flies off each other, you know, same old, same old. Hope it is awesome. Pictures and details please. Soon. And I don’t want any … Continue reading

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Me and My Wheelie

Hey Queenie, Now in Rwanda and Kigali is possibly the cleanest city I’ve seen in my life.  Aline (my French colleague) was basically apprehended at customs for carrying a plastic bag (they are literally banned) and I’m too terrified to … Continue reading

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The big send off….

Hey Bean, Stop press! The pics from the weekend of debauchery and leaving dos are in. Thought you might enjoy them. So pleased to see in the ‘hat’ shots that I look like an escaped mental patient crashing a photo. … Continue reading

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That’s a whole lotta love…(according to recent statistics)…

Beani baby, Just a quick one. Did you know that yesterday (Monday) people looked at our blog 90 times? Yup. How’s that for well-read bloggage? And today, since you blogged they’ve looked at it 130 times. It is so awesome … Continue reading

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I once had a Bean in Affffrica

Queenie!! The internet connection in Uganda can only be compared to a one legged man playing tennis with Rafael Nadal – frustrating and marginally painful!  But I will persevere, even if my laptop takes the brunt of it. With the … Continue reading

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