Bye bye Bean…

Dear Beani,

How the hell are you doing honey? Have been thinking about you all morning since you landed, and hoping you’re not too shellshocked. And that the rain is distinctly not falling down in Africa. But that the sun is shining, and you were welcomed back to Uganda with sunrise over Lake Victoria.

We all did ok at the airport…though every one was quite wobbly after we waved you through security. You suddenley looked very small as you handed in your passport and gave us a last wave before you rounded the corner and were gone. There was a small moment of deep breaths, and some tears. Then Woefey made a beeline for the Heathrow Express, Georgie and Rich headed to their respective homes, and we did the same. Lisa coped marvellously on the way home, fuelled by some serious chain smoking, the odd run in with some rather big lorries and a constant stream of inane waffle from me. It certainly took our minds off other things for a few minutes. London was busy and dark as we headed in on the M4; and even the tube was a bit busy for a Sunday night as I pottered up to Kentish Town.

So this week you are starting your new job, and then on Wednesday flying to Rwanda to trek in the mountains with gorillas. This week I am going to work in an office, which I hate, and then on Wednesday, I am still going to work. And on Thurs. And Fri. This is SO not fair. [Stamps foot in manner of petulant child…]

But, there are things to look forward to as well. We have a tentative brunch planned for this Saturday, maybe at Raouls. I’ve said I’ll share Eggs Benedict and French toast with Woefey so we can keep some semblance of normality. And there are dressing up parties and friends coming to stay. But I know there’s also gonna be days when I just wanna kick back with a big bottle of wine and talk about Glee. I’ll miss you honey, so so much.

But I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in Ahhfrica – this is the most exciting thing I can think that anyone I know has ever done. You’re gonna rock this.

Big love,

Speak soon,

Queenie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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4 Responses to Bye bye Bean…

  1. Lilaloo says:

    Dearest Ali-poos

    Mills the London Queen sent me a link to your blog this morning and I thought it’d be nice for you to have some msgs/blogs whatever these are called, for you to read once you finally stop traipsing all over Uganda. How are you doing sweety? Are you holding up ok? I was thinking of you this morning, as by the time I finally woke up, you would have been in Uganda for several hours! Ah how exciting!!!! I hope you are got those converse suitably dirty when you set foot out of Entebbe airport. Did you jump around squeaking with joy that you were finally back on East African soil again?!? I can’t imagine how fabulous it must be to be back out there.

    We were all a little shell shocked seeing you walk through security, it all happened very slowly and very quickly at the same time! I have to say had it not been for Millsy, who chatted to me/at me on the journey home, I am not sure I would be here writing this now. What with the very blurry/teary vision we had a few hair raising moments – lorries and red lights just kept coming out of nowhere Ali! It wasn’t my fault promise haha!

    I certainly will miss you Beaniboo but am loving this blog idea, what a fabulous, fabulous way for us all to hear about your fantastic African adventures.

    I dropped Millsy off at Earls Court tube – which was terrifying. Reminded me of that Tesco’s shop before Cornwall that we did with Woeff. That whole one system gets me every time!! Then stopped at Rissy’s for a cigg, who was also doing a fantastic job of keeping herself and me in a very calm ‘hindu cow’ like state. And finally stayed at Mummy’s and for yet more cigarettes and a very large glass of red. She sends her love and hugs and wishes you a smooth and very happy settling in period.

    So I have Mr Doha arriving, as you know, on Thursday and we have unanimously vetoed The Blues Kitchen thanks to you and Woeff’s advice and are sticking with The Saltyard for supps followed by the Charlotte Street Blues bar. Don’t worry, you don’t even need to ask, a review will follow soon onto this blog for your judgement!

    Now please don’t get too close to those Gorilla’s on your first trek, I know you’ll be excited to see them and all, but I am not sure a big Beani hug will go down too well with those rather large and quite frankly very very strong primates! I cannot wait to see all the pics on here soon.

    I miss you already hon and can’t tell you how hard it was saying goodbye but remember it’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon!

    Now go rock Kampala to its core and let us know allllll about it!!

    So much love, hugs, and Hi-Fives coming your way.

    Lila xx

  2. Jenna Argent says:

    Wow, never done a blog before….this is grrreat! Missing you lots and lots Beanie and really excited to hear you news. Very boring here in London, still faffing around, had my head burried deep in my wardrobe lastnight in an effort of clear it out…..oh the excitement! Anyway, won’t bore you with my ongoing nonsense, except to say that we are thinking of you lots and will blog lots and lots! Big big hugs Jen & Chris xxx

  3. Tessa says:

    Oooh blub! Darling girl! Little Nebo! So pleased to hear that you grinned the whole way over Northern Uganda, across the beautiful shimmer of Lake Vic and then down into Entebbe. Back home at last, eh, Boontjie?

    Did you kiss that red Africa earth for me? Did you wave at the weavers making merry in the big tree outside? Did you watch the smoke spiralling like fairy dust through those lush green valleys on your way up to Kampala? Did you wave at the fruit ladies and did your mouth water at the sight of those delicious little bananas, the pile of shiney green avos, the neat pyramids of golden mangoes and pawpaw? The colours, the smell and the warm air are enough to make you sing loudly. In fact I’m singing right now.

    Queenie, you have been a supershining star and a wonderful friend to Beani. You made her farewell days in London so memorably special Big hugs from me and Guy. Bless you, honeychile!

    Boontjie, Papa and I are so proud. I just know in my heart that you’ve done the right thing and the adventure will be grand!


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