Me and My Wheelie

Hey Queenie,

Now in Rwanda and Kigali is possibly the cleanest city I’ve seen in my life.  Aline (my French colleague) was basically apprehended at customs for carrying a plastic bag (they are literally banned) and I’m too terrified to smoke in case I’m rugby tackled to the floor by the Rwandan Army!

Our driver informed us that Rwandans our law abiding citizens and that there is no’ leaking on the streets’ (the expression had V and I leaking in the car with hysterics) or spitting, both of which will land you in jail.  That aside, it really is very beautiful.

Mama sent me a quote today – “If things seem under control, you are just not going fast enough.”, which is very appropriate given I’ve now debunked to Ahhhfrica and am currently on safari with a wheelie Bag!

I felt like such an ass getting off the plane with a wheelie bag, dwarfed by V and Aline, both of whom have hard core I’m-in-Africa-and-completely-prepared rack sacks , but I figure that’s living on the edge baby, me and the wheelie.

I trek for Gorillas Thursday and was asked if I was taking the wheelie with me?!  I might as well wear a pair of jimmy Choos and a cocktail dress!  Fortunately I have my trusty rack sack for water, waterproof and respiratory equipment … I hear they can get you down by stretcher, which is thoroughly reassuring!

Oh and had the most entertaining conversation with the cash man in the Kampala office, who was so impressed that I remembered his name explained that it was very difficult to tell mazungus apart and the only way to distinguish them  was by size – I quote ‘Alex you are the big one (reinforced by appropriate hand gestures illustrating my expanded hips) and Vanessa, she is the small one’!!

Carol assures me it is a compliment and that I could most definitely secure a couple of goats while V is working in chickens.  Lucky me!

What the heck were we thinking with the hats?!!

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3 Responses to Me and My Wheelie

  1. Georgie says:

    I haven’t laughed so much in ages!!! African Bean, I love the wheelie – I want to make your blog my next book club book…xx G

    • Oh Georgie, the next book club read? That would be immense. And a good, solid choice. Forget Midnight’s Childen, Time Traveller’s Wife etc. THIS is where it’s at. I think there’s enough suspense, drama, tears, soul searching and cryptic language to keep you guys analysing this for hours! Hang on…I think that’s Richard and Judy on the phone….x

  2. Tessa says:

    Don’t forget to get your peeps to call their peeps to see if I can be taken up the volcano by stretcher to meet our hairy relations when I come out to Kigali (which I’m determined to do!) :-)) And I want to be taken to the lodge by helicopter. Hokay?

    (By the way it’s ‘ruck sack’…bosom’s are currently known as racks, dearest)

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