The big send off….

Hey Bean,

Stop press!

The pics from the weekend of debauchery and leaving dos are in. Thought you might enjoy them. So pleased to see in the ‘hat’ shots that I look like an escaped mental patient crashing a photo. Classy.

Oooh, and also great to hear an update from your Mama on how you’re doing – (folks, click here and scroll down to see it.)

Now then, on with the shame…

Wow, that was quite some send off. I’m just tired looking at it again.

Big love,

Queenie xxxx

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3 Responses to The big send off….

  1. Tessa says:

    Well, I LOVE the hats! Beauties – all of you! Liza is that a Makula kikooi…more beatiousness.

    • Lilaloo says:

      Thank you Tessa – i love it too! Ali gave it to me. I think that one came from SA when you were out there this year. I keep my Makula kikooi very safe, dont you worry. But I expect lots more from Ug now Bean’s out there. She could soo start a side business. I could be her UK seller! xx

  2. Nick Cavell says:

    Loving the blog gals – I thought about doing one for my trip round the USA… but your witty comments and style of writing have put me off… can’t compete with that!

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