Date night, and other things…

Hi Beani,

I’m guessing you’re now hanging out with the gorillas, swapping hair styling tips, picking flies off each other, you know, same old, same old. Hope it is awesome. Pictures and details please. Soon. And I don’t want any excuses about being in the jungle, no access to electricity/internet, blah blah fishcakes.

So back in Blighty and it’s definitely autumn here. The weather’s been beautiful actually. Today the sky is bright blue, there’s a chill in the air, and that autumn smell – you know, kind of sweet and foresty. Anyway, it lovely. It’s my fave time of the year, I love it when the nights get colder, and the days are crisp and cold, and that smell my heating makes when I first turn it on. And then there’s Halloween, and bonfire night, and fireworks at Alexandra Palace,  and then Christmas which makes everything seem more fun.

So, now for some actual news. I’m not working today – which is handy because I am rather hungover (but more on that later). I’m not working cos i’ve cut my days at work down to two and half and i’m leaving at the end of October. Yay! It’s been pretty challenging there the last couple of months, and I know it’s not what I want to be doing, and if I stay any longer i’m just gonna get stuck in a job I really don’t like. I made the decision earlier this week, and I have to say part was inspired by you going, seeing you do something you’ve always wanted to. I saw a great quote the other day, “He who seeks dreams will dance into tomorrow, igniting passions and capturing hearts.”And while a little cheesy, it resonated with me on Monday morning. So I’m gonna spend this time really working on making my PhD a reality. I’m very excited.

So last night Rich and I went out. We’ve decided to make every Thursday ‘date night’. Oh yeah – it’s a classic for a reason. Just nice to have night during the week where we’re not worrying about cooking dinner, working late, watching bad TV, doing the ironing etc etc. So anyway, last night was our first date night and it was up to me to organise it. So we went for dinner first, at a cool pub in Belsize Park, and then went to the cinema to see Tamara Drewe at the awesome Everyman Cinema where you and I went once, sat in the big reclining armchairs and drank much wine. The film was kind of ok. Bit girly, funny in places. Though, actually, the only bit Rich really liked was the gratuitous hot pants shot of Gemma Arteton. (It ws quite impressive). And then I walked all the way home in heels. It hurt. As does my hangover.

So it’s scary movie and curry takeaway night here for us both, and then we’re fancy dess shopping on Sat morning, before meeting Woefey (and possibly Li) for lunch in Camden tomorrow.

And I think that’s you all caught up. Keep having the time of your life,

Big love

Queenie xxxx

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5 Responses to Date night, and other things…

  1. Tessa says:

    Queenie, you write like a dream, girl! Love, love the contrast between sophisicated London life and the crazy, wonderful chaos of Ahhhfrica. Superb stuff…and such a great idea to do a blog this way. Brava!!

  2. Lilaloo says:

    Wow Em good for you honey re. work, great decision. PHD here you come, can’t wait to hear about it all soon, over lunch perhaps! Autumn is definitely upon us and I, unlike Queenie, am a little reluctant to admit that!

    Ali update soon please on all things big, black and gorilla like. How many did you see, are they as awesome as I imagined they would be? And how did the wheelie survive the schlep? I was laughing outloud reading your that blog, pure genius! I can’t wait to hear all about Virunga Lodge too, it looks utterly stunning….a world away from the soon to be autumnal streets of London.

    Off to Charlotte street blues bar tonight with Mr Doha!

    Love you xxx

  3. Tessa says:

    Waving madly at Lilaloo – hi there! Update: Text from La Bean yesterday. SAW THE GORILLAS; sat mere yards away watching them; utterly awesome; even saw the baby gorilla featured on BBC’s recent doc. ‘Kingdom in the Sky’! (In it we see the group eating bamboo. Not easy, as the youngster finds when he gags extravagantly on a mouthful then comically falls backwards, clutching his toes. Mountain gorillas are just brilliant – funny, galumphing, sturdily graceful and incredibly tender.)

    No internet at the Lodge, but she will post as soon as see gets back to the bustle of either Kigali or Kampala. xxx

    • Lilaloo says:

      Waving madly back at you….helloo Tessa! Thank you for letting us know about Ali’s text. Such an amazxing experience. Willw ait to here more upon her return to one of the K’s! Hope you and Guy are well.

      Much love, Lilalooo xxx

  4. Tessa says:

    Queeni..we need some more London updates while we wait for the African vegetable!

    Bean due back in Kampala today after amazing safari to Virunga, Mgahinga and Bwindi. (Sitting on her veranda one morning at Bwindi sipping her coffee and gorillas came for breakfast!)

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