Breaking News!! Shampers goes into administration…

I mean, like HOW much, could that be us?!!

Only joking! Though I expect it’s imminent. There aren’t enough half squiffy, well-spoken-but-vaguely-predatory business men in the world to make up for the dent in profits they’ve been experiencing since you sodded off to Ahhfrica and we stopped haemorraging our monthly salary into good Spanish wine, chilli squid and rib eye steak.

I havent actually been in there since you left. It’s too sad. In fact I’ve been being rather healthy and swimming a lot andrinking not a lot, and eating oats and stuff. It’s a new me, you wouldn’t recognise me.

I had actually been writing this on Wednesday morning (at the exact same time you were writing your post, connected much??!) So anyway, i’ve delayed it, because two posts in one day is more than anyone can manage.

Amazing to hear all about your trek and the incredible things you’ve seen and done, what a life to be living. I’m in awe and wonderment.

So, back in Blighty, much has stayed the same, Rich was enjoying work until some tool he’d placed backed out of the deal and he’s back to No Sales, which means he’s sad, and those puppy dog eyes just kill me everytime.

Check out the Spoondog Millionaire, just hanging out, keeping cool, man. Word. Mouse. Whatever.

Its getting ever colder here, even my fridge is colder. Spoony is still mad, she’s asleep on the sofa. See?

I’m working my two days at week in town and then enjoying working from home the rest. We’ve been to see friends in Cambridge and walked their dogs. They have two Rhodesian ridgebacks, which made me think about you in Uganda a lot. Sigh.

I’ve also been working on developing a beauty review/spa treatments site I’ve been tinkering with for a while, and finally got it properly up and running. I’m getting some seriously interesting stuff through it too – this week I’m having my hair washed in chocolate, my feet nibbled by lots of tiny little fish, and my makeup srayed on with a spray gun. Such excellent randomness in this good city of ours. Oh and I bought a new mouse mat. It’s got black and white swirls. And, I think that’s you all caught up with the important news.

So, pleased you are happy and doing such amazing things, I can’t wait to Skype you and go through it all over a bottle of red.

Laters hunny


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1 Response to Breaking News!! Shampers goes into administration…

  1. Tessa says:

    Queenie, you are a legend! That made me bellow with mirth. I must go and look at your pampered pauper site…..I could do with some fish nibbling on my old African feet!

    By the way, is there a way to do a ‘followers’ list here in WordPress as there is in Blogger? That way peeps get updates right on their blog dashboards.

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