We gon’ party tonight…

As you'll discover the main body of this post centres around curry, but I couldn't find a nice picture of a curry, so you've got this pic of Adrianne Curry instead. Isn't she lovely? But isn't that dress repulsive?

The title of this post is brought you by a comment caught in our blog’s spam filter. It was from a lovely gentleman called Bonus. His email address went something like this: free_girlz@asscittee.com – isn’t that nice of him?

Anyways, that scintillating non sequitur aside, how goes it? All is good here, though I’ve got a rampant hangover courtesy of a reunion curry at Tayyabs last night. We so should have gone to Tayyabs when you were still a London lass. It costs us all £12 each. £12 tincy little pounds. And it was good, Bean. I mean real good curry. Actually, on the subject of curry how is the damn Chat House these days? Still blowing people’s heads off with mindnumbingly hot curry? Ah, those were the heady days of yore. Me in some beige dungarees (WHAT was I thinking) you rocking something from Oweno (that is most likely NOT how you spell that but, hey, you know what I mean. Actually I just Googled it, and it’s Owino, you can find out more about Owino here. Did you know, for instance, that: “You forgot your party clothes at home, and every one else is looking trendy? Owino market is the place to buy designer clothes and shoes if you don’t mind them being second hand .The experience is fascinating and you will possibly be able to buy back something of your own! Beware of pick pocketers and please leave your jewelry behind.” That is like the WORST travel guide ever) So anyway, where was I? Oh yes, you in something from Owino, me in the dungarees and Liloo bounding around excitedly like a racoon on viagara. Those were the days, Bean, the days those were.

Other news from the UK is as follows:

  • I am broke, again
  • I start my new job on 8th November, I am excited
  • Richard made two ‘sales’ at work, he is also excited
  • Gideon has made cuts everywhere and everyone is cross, personally I don’t think cutting half a million public sector jobs is such a bad idea. It’s not like any of them DO anything except sit around being deliberately unhelpful, work ridiculously short hours, have too many holidays and charge me too much council tax.
  • Rooney has announced he wants to leave Man U – now, I know YOU don’t care about this, but I do. It is terrible news. I am distraught. So is Fergie (You don’t even know who that is do you?)
  • Maggie Thatcher is in hospital, having ‘tests’, guess they haven’t managed to locate her missing heart yet then.
  • And crime has apparently fallen by 8% in England and Wales. So that’s nice.
  • Oh and Beyonce is up the duff and Christina Aguilera is a lesbian.

I don’t think there’s much more to report, so this will do for now.

I love you, let’s Skype soon please,



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4 Responses to We gon’ party tonight…

  1. Tessa says:

    Well, thanks to you Queenie, I now have a bust gut! That post had Guy and I rolling in the aisles. Still cackling like an old witch……

  2. Tessa says:



    Heh. Just thought I better keep all friends and family informed. No doubt she will explain all in her next post. Scary at the time, but hilarious in retrospect – as with all these African type adventures!

  3. R says:

    Who would have thought.. beani and Lewd behaviour…

  4. Emma says:

    Ok, we need to know NOW what is going on. I am so curious I actually had a dream last night that Beani was arrested for trafficking broken motorbikes. Exactly. Ex. Actly.

    I need facts people! And, yes, Beani, by people, I mean you.

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