Some things you might want to know about African Bean and London Queen:

* African Bean’s pint of choice is Guiness

* She likes watching rugby, hates watching football

* When drunk she ALWAYS insists on going dancing, and stamps her foot if denied.

* She never, ever wears blue and black together, because that would be wrong.

* She knows a remarkable amount about classical music

* However, she knows almost nothing about badgers. But so far that doesn’t seem to have been a problem.

* London Queen totally got lumped with the worst picture on this page

*She often wears blue and black together and DOESN’T care

*She knows quite a lot about football, but basically nothing about motor racing, and is happy to keep it that way

*She is ambivalent about badgers

* She recently dropped a plate on her foot, and it really hurts.  

1 Response to About

  1. Tessa says:

    I have flung all the books out of my reading room – all three and a half million of them – and this masterpiece, this giant of the written word will be the very heart and soul of my literature from now on in. I have just done a cartwheel for the first time since…well…the first time. Already I can hear the pulsebeat of Africa and the mellifluous dong-dong of Big Ben. Oh, the beat of the drum and the click-click of the latest Louboutins. What a mix, what a melody, what a drama! Who in helk needs badgers when we have both an African Bean and a London Queen in their respective residences…flags fluttering wildly in both Northern and Southern breezes.

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