Birthday bashology…

Hi beautiful,

How the devil are you? Oh, it feels ages since you were here on Marathon Weekend, which was a serious marathon in more ways than one, I can tell you. But it was superlativey amazing to see you again, and I rather enjoyed all the boogeying we did in the Blues bar. Do you remember the genuis that was the ‘Tube Dance’. Go on, do it now, in your room, right now…ready…?….Jubilee line…..Northern Line….Piccadilly Line…..and DLR…..! And again. Sigh. (You realise No. One. Else has any idea what I’m talking about. No idea at all).

So, I decided we had to keep el bloggo going, if only because Nick Cavell (spelling?) was so scared into submission by the blinding brilliance of our blog that he decided not to write his own. Ergo, we must write. It is a universal imperative.

It was The American’s birthday last night. Now, I don’t wanna make you homesick but we all hungover ( oh God, I actually meant to write ‘hung out’ – get a load of my state of mind today…) anyway…we all hung out at The Chapel and drank beer. Well I didn’t. I polished off a raaaather nice glass or five of shiraz. The American drank beer, and he looked quite dapper you’ll be pleased to know. He’d even shaved AND put on a clean shirt for the occasion, can you believe it? I know.

I am thinking of doing the same for my birthday, donning a new outfit and having a wash, you know. I might even shave my legs, ooo err. Talking of birthdays we’re turning 30 this year, shizer. That is OLD. Just ask The American, he knows. I’m thinking beers in the sunshine in a nice pub garden. And maybe making el Boyfriend take me out for a posh dinner. What about you? Have you got all sorts of fun going on?

Liloo was also at the party last night; looking Hot to Trot as always. What DOES that actually mean? I mean do you need to be hot in order to trot? And is this about horses, or dogs, or pigs or people? Or what? Either way the Liloo was lovely, late, but lovely. I was quite inebriated by the time she arrived but by all accounts of my patchy memory we had an ace chat and she’s doing Good. I also have  it on good authority (ie an email from her) that she was there till the wee hours and is now suffering immensely. Shame.

OK, I have to do some work now, but speak soon, let me (and everyone else) know how you’re getting on. I miss you.


P.S I keep hearing about scary things in Kampala on the news, please keep safe. xx

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1 Response to Birthday bashology…

  1. Lilaloo says:

    Aha your sources are correct Mills! I was in fact the last woman standing at The American’s bday….I am so proud. Although standing is debatable, swaying is probably more accurate. I also have to say I was privy to the extraodinary antics of your ‘tube dance’ and confess slowly walked away to avoid being made to demonstrate the Bakerloo line…..gulp!

    Ali we miss you and want to hear ALL your news – so dust off your key board and get writing Missy!! Millsy is waiting…


    P.s. Please keep safe ok – read about the riots in K too….

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