Intrepid Bean…

My friend Bean is heading back home, sort of. Though London has been her home for ten years since she left uni (which means she is now really, really old), she’s grown tired of having to donate a kidney every time she wants to use the Tube, and is leaving the cold and the concrete behind and jetting off to the land of elephants, pot holes, red earth, crazy monkeys and Idi Amin (though luckily he’s not actually there anymore).

Determined to make her find her inner blogger we’ve started this blog together where I can tell her all about my life back in Blighty and she can make me jealous with all the 20p pints of beer she’s drinking.

And occasionally we might actually talk about real things, like our feelings, how much we miss each other, and whether or not it’s right to fancy Will Schuster. You know, important stuff like that.

Queenie xx

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2 Responses to Intrepid Bean…

  1. Jemma Nyagah says:

    That totally ROCKS! You will have to come for champagne Bean yay xxx Sorry bear one big step for mankind though x

  2. Tessa says:

    I have flung all the books out of my reading room – all three and a half million of them – and this masterpiece, this giant of the written word will be the very heart and soul of my literature from now on in. I have just done a cartwheel for the first time since…well…the first time. Already I can hear the pulsebeat of Africa and the mellifluous dong-dong of Big Ben. Oh, the beat of the drum and the click-click of the latest Louboutins. What a mix, what a melody, what a drama! Who in helk needs badgers when we have both an African Bean and a London Queen in their respective residences…flags fluttering wildly in both Northern and Southern breezes.

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