That’s a whole lotta love…(according to recent statistics)…

Beani baby,

Just a quick one. Did you know that yesterday (Monday) people looked at our blog 90 times? Yup. How’s that for well-read bloggage? And today, since you blogged they’ve looked at it 130 times. It is so awesome to have heard from you. SO awesome.  Can’t wait for the next update in the Virunga.

Travel safe,
Queenie xxx

P.S You aren’t missing all the comments are you? Just click on the link below each post. That’s a whole lot MORE love. xx

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1 Response to That’s a whole lotta love…(according to recent statistics)…

  1. Tessa says:

    Got a text from The Bean – now in Rwanda. She says that Kigali is the cleanest city she has ever seen in Ahhhfrica, but internet connection not too good. Can’t wait to hear how the gorilla meeting goes!! It’ll be the second time she has had the huge privilege of a face to face encounter with those magnificent primates – so exciting! We can all live it vicariously, too, when she posts about it. {:-0)

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